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plumbingThe Country Plumber offers full service plumbing 24 hours a day... 7 days a week. We offer complete plumbing repair and replacement for all residential and commercial applications.

At The Country Plumber you will find plumbing and drainage professionals you can count on.  We view each customers needs as unique and recognize that your individual needs are important to us no matter how big or small the problem is. We focus on providing quality service and products combined with honesty and integrity with a fair price.

We guarentee that your service experience will include the following features and benefits:
• Flexible
• Notification of Plumber Dispatch; we call to let you know we're on the way.
• Flat-rate or Contract Pricing; know the price before the work begins.
• We will protect your 
floors and other surfaces while we work.
• A Follow-up call to see if you are pleased with the service you received.

We value our customers, like family, and hope that they will be comfortable telling their friends about us.  Try The Country Plumber the next time you need a plumber and we promise you will receive outstanding customer service.

Drain Cleaning Division

We are capable of cleaning 1½” up to 4” lines inside of buildings and sewer laterals from the building to the street or from your house to the septic tank.  With our high pressure jet we can clean 3" up to 24” lines whether they are plugged or frozen.

We have 2 different ways to televise lines. We have a small camera that is great for televising lines from the building to the street or septic lines.  With this camera we can do 2” to 24” lines. Customers will receive a DVD of their televising.  Our commercial televising camera we are able to do lines 6” to 24” with a tractor.  The tractor is able to locate laterals and the layout of all lines entering the mains.  With this system you receive a binder of all reports printed out and a dvd of all videos and pictures taken.

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