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Portable Restroom FAQ's

Q: How many portable restroom units do I need?

A: We usually go by the following chart for special events.


Q: How many people to a unit?

A: For construction sites 1-10 people per unit. For special events, 1 toilet per 100 people depending on what kind of event will be held.

Q: Do you have autoflush units and units with lights?

A: Yes

Q: How often are monthly units serviced?

A: The units are serviced once a week on the routes.

Q: Do you carry ADA Handicap units?

A: Yes

Septic Pumping FAQ's

Q: How often should my septic be pumped?

A: The county tells you every 3 years, we recommend every 2 years.

Q: Do I have a holding or a septic tank?

A: If you pump your tank once every 2-3 yrs you have a septic tank. If you are pumping your tank more than once a yr you have a holding tank.

Q: Do you add any additives to the tank when done?

A: We add an additive called BioClean. You can also purchase a can from the driver.

Q: How many feet of hose do you carry?

A: 150 Feet

Q: How long of a pull downhill will your truck do?

A: 30 Feet

Q: How close to a holding tank to pump it?

A: 25 Feet

Sewer Rodding FAQ's

Q: My floor drains are backed up

A: This means your sewer lateral to the main is plugged.

Q: Do you use anything to prevent roots?

A: Yes we use two different chemicals, either copper sulfate or a powder called Roo-tX

Q: Do you unthaw frozen drainfields?

A: No we unthaw the lines going to the drainfield.

Q: How big of lines can you unplug?

A: From 2" to 10".

Q: Do you unplug mound systems?

A: Yes

Q: Do you unplug kitchen and bathtub drains?

A: Yes

Q: Do you do televising of laterals?

A: Yes

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