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Your septic system, when compared to urban and suburban living areas, functions as a mini sewer system, and as a mini waste treatment plant. All of your household waste is disposed to this septic system.


As on the the leading septic services in the area, we recognize that a septic system represents one of the many ways we interface directly with the environment. We view the septic system, in modern terms, as an appliance. It performs a service as a part of the total comfort system of your homes and businesses. At the Country Plumber we understand that responsible decisions with regard to the care and maintenance of your septic system will have a positive impact on precious ground water, and on the economic plans for your families and businesses as well. We provide information to help our customers make those decisions.

The termination point of your septic system is the environment. What you put into your septic system and how you choose to maintain it are important. We are here to make this job easier for you.

Septic Plumbing:

Country Plumber also pumps septic and holding tanks. Proper maintenance of your septic system includes pumping it every 2 to 3 years. Let us take care of it for you! We do a visual inspection to make sure everything is functioning properly and add a special additive, BioClean when we are finished. We carry 150 feet of hose on our trucks to protect your lawn from our trucks! We run 3 trucks daily and dispatch for emergencies that day! Call and schedule your pumping today

Septic Installation:

From mound systems to conventional systems Country Plumber can do it all. Let our system designer help you. If it’s new construction or if you have a failed system you can begin with us. We start by doing a soil test to find out what kind of system your property perks for and then go from there. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment.

Sewer and Drain:

Country Plumber has expanded immensely in this division in the past couple years not only do we rod sewers, we have a high pressure water jet that opens up lines 3” to 24”, we have a video camera to look into your problem lines for broken pipes, etc. Our technician has been on the job for 10 years and is highly experienced in all areas. If your sewer is backing up or you are having drainage problems we can get to you that day, so call our office and schedule today. We also have customers that are on a maintenance plan. If this is something you are interested in contact our office to discuss.

We service the following cities and their surrounding areas:

  • Beaver Dam WI
  • Madison WI
  • Montello WI
  • Portage WI
  • Wisconsin Dells WI
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